One of best ipad cases is here

New Perfect Pink Koolertron Lovely Leather Case Cover For iPad 2/3/4, This is one of the best cases I have found on the market so far. I began with the standard cover from Apple but was is dissatisfied because it didn’t protect the back. So after trying two others I turned to this case. It’s bulky but worth it. Protects everything and keeps the IPad snug in place.
Artificial leather case specifically designed to shelter your devices dust, shock, scratches and bumps and other daily damage.The Leather of the inner side is so smooth and soft that gives you a comfortable sensation when holding.

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Amazing Google tv box with Android 4.0 system

Koolertron Google TV Box Android 4.0 ARM Cortex A9 WiFi HD 1080P HDMI Internet TV Box with Remote DDR III 1GB 4GB Flash 3D is using Amlogic Cortex A9 1GHz CPU with Android 4.0 operating system, built-in WiFi and Ethernet connection, supporting wire and wireless networking access. Besides, it supports Google Chrome Web browser, USB external portable hard disk drive, wireless keyboard, USB mouse, etc..
google smart tv box

It provides you the capability of all-in-one entertainment box for your big TV screen. It support Social Network, you can share information with friends on Facebook, Flicker, Twitter, or uploading files onto YouTube. It allows you to watch movies, listen to music, view picture albums, play games, read news, chat with friends easily. It is a perfect combination of HD media player, computer, digital photo frame, game console, and Internet set-top-box.

google smart tv box

I think the koolertron set top box missed a huge opportunity by not providing an option for joysticks and helping developers port android games to the Google TV. Hopefully they make an announcement on those lines soon. Also, I think it seems wrong that some content providers are for locking out google tv users out from their website (e.g. hulu and nbc) but allowing other computers and similar devices to access them.
google smart tv box

But this doesn’t matter much to me, though, because nearly all of that locked out content is broadcast OTA and I get it free through the HDHomeRun and store with DVR with MythTV– and with 10x the video quality– which is a huge reason why I like the google tv which can play MPEG2! I also would love to see Amazon VOD get better, but I am not that interested in paying the expensive rental fees for just 24 hours of access– and the free selection with Amazon Prime is very limited, so Amazon VOD is not an important factor for me.

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Maybe you need it who take a samsung mobile phone in hands

Tablet pc Fun sell a huge range of Samsung tablet accessories, such as Cases, Stands, Docks, Chargers and more. It is easy to damage your new samsung tablets, so we need some awesome accessories to protect them, but they can’t be worked on your mobile fun. You can just give you more convenience to gain more tablet fun.

First, you need a protective cover for Samsung tablet pc.

Good sturdy protector which is easy to apply.This is a wonderful product to prevent scratches and damage to the screen of my tablet. The price was reasonable, and the transaction was fast and accurate.

I have a Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 and the size is slightly different from the Samsung GTP7510. I bought this one because I didn’t want to spend too much money and even if i had to cut a bit the edges, the functionality is still intact. I love it! It’s exactly what I needed. I’ll definitely buy again their products.

Second, a case for tablet pc

Carry your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 in style with this unique designer series leather case from CrazyOnDigital. This case has a black leather exterior with a matching black soft micro fiber padding in the interior. The leather case provides complete protection for your Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 reading device. The case has flexible straps on top corners to secure Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 device in the case. The uniquely designed skeleton allows the transforming of the leather case into table stand for convenient reading.

Third, Keyboards

A perfect companion for your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 with intelligent and innovative wireless Bluetooth keyboard plus a stylish folding protective synthetic leather case.

For those perfer alternative design, we also have an Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard Case with Stand. Search ASIN B007KTI1AA.

With Samsung Galaxy Tab accessories you can upgrade you Galaxy tablet with cases, keyboards, and more . Visit Koolertron tablet accessories to gain decent accessories now.

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Some awesome mini ipad accessories show

Are you a proud owner of an Apple iPad mini? Then you would like know about some awesome accessories you can buy to compliment your beloved tablet accessories.

The keyboard functions pretty well and the case holds the iPad Mini in place sort of okay. Sometimes the mini will slip when I use it in the form of a laptop (as the pictures show) and it will block either the camera on the back or the bottom of the screen when in landscape mode. The latch to close the case wears down a little when pushing it in to close.

Bought this case, and fits my iPad Mini nicely. Smart cover feature works well to. Best part of the case in my experience was it’s durability. Just a few days after getting the case, I left my Mini to top of my minivan. Drove away and about a mile down the road as I turned a corner I saw my Mini fly off the roof, tumble a couple of time and stop in the median. I pull over expecting the worst. The case had a few scuffs on it and my mini can a couple small spots on the outer edge that were scuffed, but the Mini survived and is still working well. The case looks and feels nice and it definitely will protect your investment!

Whether you’re looking for stands, speakers or a stylus, we have found more ipad accessories, gizmos and other oojamaflips designed to work with your iPad mini.

Get the best accessories for enhancing your iPad mini experience. ZAGG’s innovative products are designed to make any device comfortable.

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The Perfect Integration Of Android Operating System With Car DVD GPS Player

Today Android has become a well known operating system. It has been gradually widely applied in cellphones, MP5 players, laptops and other entertainment devices such as car DVD players. Combine this popular and advanced Android system with the multifunctional in dash DVD player, now imagine, what can you get from this perfect match? Read on, then you may find the final answer.

As we all know, electronic products upgrade particularly rapidly in recent years. Every day there are many new design products appearing in our life. These days, the choice for electronics such as the new design iPhone, iPod, cellphone, laptop, computer or other great things is pretty difficult, because the users are faced with so many new attractive items. It is very necessary to make clear which is the best.

Android operating system is very famous, you can know this from its wide application in a large variety of electronic products. Due to its own advantages, now many users prefer to choose Android products. That makes car audio manufacturers started to produce auto DVD player adopting Android OS. For car owners, they also have a new option for in-car entertainment device – Android in dash DVD player.

Compatible with more surprising new functions, this kind of in dash DVD player is no longer just a simple device for bringing entertainment resource for the user. It is a fact that the original purpose and function of the DVD player is to bring more pleasures for people who have to take a long time car trip. Nowadays, its main purpose has been not changed, but more wonderful things have been added to this device. Normally when a family buys a new car, next, they are very likely to purchase a new car DVD player to do some decoration on its inner part so as to make it looks more attractive. There are a large amount of car DVD players in the market, which will meet different consumers’ demand.

Some people choose the Android VW DVD player because it indeed has some standout highlights. It comes with all the common functions of DVD players nowadays, such as handsfree, GPS navigation, radio, DVD and so on. What’s better, it also supports 3G/WIFI, vehicle driving recording and other advanced functions. Many people choose the Android DVD player because of its internet-capable. More important, it can be compatible with lots of application programs such as office software, video games, etc.. All of these will no doubt make your driving life more colorful.

With the increasing popularity of Android OS, some experts have predicted that Android car DVD player will be the main stream auto audio system in near future. Nevertheless, no matter which sort of car DVD player you choose, it can certainly bring more pleasures for your passengers and yourself on the go. For some car owners who want to be keeping with the latest fashion, the Android in dash DVD player will be your best choice.

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